natural methods

The EPA consistently ranks indoor air quality among the top five environmental risks to human health, yet the vast majority of housecleaning companies use cleaning products which contain hazardous chemicals that contaminate our groundwater and the air we breathe. These chemicals threaten your family’s health, the health of your house cleaner, and the health of our environment.

Cutting your use of chemical household cleaners in favor of non-toxic, natural alternatives is a critical step toward improving the air quality of your home and your family’s health. Worker-owners of Tangerine Clean are professionally trained and dedicated to making homes safe, clean, and healthy for all of our clients. We adhere to a high standard of environmental responsibility, opting for the least-toxic cleaning options available.

We use only natural and organic cleaning agents combining green cleaning products and time-tested traditional home-made cleaners and disinfectants to make your home naturally clean, your family’s surroundings healthier, and our shared environment more livable. Our state-of-the-art Miele vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter gets rid of allergy-causing particles like pet hair, dust mite feces, and pollen — perfect for homes combating allergies, asthma or other health-related concerns.

If you have ever doubted that green products can get your house sparkling clean, try us out! You will be amazed.