Health & safety protocols

As always, at Tangerine Clean the health and safety of our clients and worker-owners are our top priority. Because our work environment is your home, we have always had robust policies and practices for stopping the spread of illness. Additionally, in this high-risk moment we are implementing the following emergency measures:

- We have sourced additional hydrogen peroxide and isopropyl alcohol for use in disinfecting all of our tools following each cleaning, as well as for disinfecting door knobs, light switches and other high-touch surfaces in each home.

- All member-owners are wearing face masks during cleanings and throughout the rest of our workday.

- Each member-owner is using an assigned set of cleaning tools so that no equipment is used by multiple members.

- We are practicing at least 6 feet of social distancing within our clients' homes. Cleaning teams will wait to make sure that rooms are vacated before entering to clean them. We are happy to schedule your cleaning at a time that works for you if you would prefer to leave your home (for a walk or necessary errands) during your cleaning.

- Cooperative meetings are being held via video call rather than in-person and office members are working remotely.

- We are continuing to wear gloves at all times throughout our workday, to stay home with paid leave when we are sick, to regularly clean and disinfect all the surfaces in our vehicles and our office and to wash our hands before and after providing each cleaning.

We are re-evaluating the most updated state and federal guidelines on a daily basis and will be modifying and adding to these protocols regularly.